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Time:02:29 pm
how is something defined, do you think?
Like maybe, how do you know if a person is crazy?
Isn't it too hard to judge?

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Subject:Free your mind.
Time:12:47 am
free...Collapse )
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Time:08:04 pm
The fear of falling:

I think perhaps the fear lies in not knowing where you're falling.

Wouldn't the awareness and knowledge of where you're landing...isn't that the crack in the barrier of this fear? It all goes back to that fear of unknowns... I think that if I knew where I was falling, I'd be more confident.
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Time:06:41 pm
Oh do try a hit,
Striving for enlightenment,
Or simply enjoy.
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Current Music:irrelevant
Time:04:01 pm
Current Mood:interigating your soul
my hands stained in red of many shades
staring out the window and wonder who I have murdered
the temperal diferences of reality exchange me for a imagination

people stare and look
scrutinize and analyze
and world they dont know
they pass by with the wind
moving along the windy road of tribultation
OPEN flashing brightly into the sky

they world has been fixaded on the words whispered diliberatly into our ears
wardobes changed to see if the media can do something to effect the greater population
a society is starving in another continent and we sit here on our luxurious throwns of Lazy boy recliners watching the tube as it flashes in our eyes
ever go to europe? they hate us there.. stupid americans of unrealistric reality with thier "buy me" comercials every 20 seconds and thier surrealistic reality tv shows unable to think for themselves because we follow what the government and media tells us what is "right" and "correct" and moral
I grew up with no commen sence, if you asked me what I would have to do and where to go to get a pass port I would say "ask someone else because I dont have the slightest clue"
public relations is a lie within itself making the false reality of saftey. chaos would be better than fascist lies
why do people vacat to america? because the world is "free" and simple. everything is done for us
walking accros the street when the light turns green and the sign says walk, punished for finding a better way around things that suits better the situation
you cant think for yourself, its not allowed because your not allowed to come up with something that works better than what we have told you that you should use.

the world will always repeat itself because we will never fully evolve from the past we dweal so much in because it was so horible.
I can not comprehend why anyone would think war is a good thing. Yes we are over populating the world but the life each and everyone of us has to lead is more important than some over mindfull powerful rulers that points his finger ans says do this because it is right and just and you must serve your country because so many people before you have fought for yourfreedom to shoose what to do so that is why I command you to do this for me I mean us

in years to come we will still see that violence conquors all and if we want somthing done right we beat them up and take over thier identity
and only few peopel care about such things the rest of us are too busy waiting for the next exciting ashley and mary kate olsen twin movie to come out so we can find a way to identify with someone we have no chance of ever really knowning.
everyone is always looking forsomeone else just like them so they dont ever feel so alone in this world completely missing the fact that there are people all around you.
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Subject:the SKys gone out!
Time:02:36 pm
Current Mood:here
techno revolution eating up our souls. never to depart and return to the way we once where. the distant yelling from a far away land pulling me inwards to the sands. a small worl we live in, it will be destroyed. The circle will cease to be and no more. the worl will eat itself inside and out and we will never learn what the other 70 percent of our brain is used for. "home, home where I wanted to go" (coldplay) drifting meadows in the sand of destruction waiting to be heard on the windchimes.

the world idels in the constant motion and there is nothing anyone can do to disrupt the lifeless meanings of the peoples society. They where smarter than us.. years ago when they still danced around fire pits chanting into the sky calling out to the naturless gods. we may know more but knowledge is ignorance. I would give nearly anything to live on this world like we were ment to be using it to each owns advantage and not making it into a wirless modem. but I am stuck in this technicolor world and gourge out whatever bowl I can obtain. thats just how it is there is no change.
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Subject:Come on, people... if you joined this community, LIVEN IT UP.
Time:02:28 am
Current Mood:blahblah
Do things *really* happen for a reason?
Or do we just irrationally consider our life journey's milestones are the product of the previous action?
Everything stems from something, and there are multiple possibilities for every choice we make (branching out into the multiple realities theory)... but, what reason governs what we experience?

Did that make any sense at ALL?
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Subject:Ugly Ductling
Time:05:32 pm
Ugly Ductling

Hand-made bags and wallets created entirely of duct tape. Fully customize your order with a huge variety of colors, plus tons of options to choose from! Special requests welcomed!

Handbags ~ Purses ~ Change Purses
Wallets ~ Messenger Bags ~ Backpacks

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Current Music:Dashboard Confessional: "A Sharp Hint of New Tears."
Subject:I feel like restarting this up, let's see how it'll work.
Time:09:02 pm
Current Mood:anxiousanxious
Admittance and Submission vs. Ignorance:

I'm in the midst of finding myself and exploring why it is what I do, something I've been in the middle of for quite the number of years. Yet, whenever I see myself falling into a rut; standing at a stop sign: looking behind, left, right, and ahead, I really try to figure out why I feel that I must live a life that I find perfect and how the thought of it severely frustrates me. So I ask you: why is searching for yourself such a troublesome thing?
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Subject:Welcome one and all!
Time:04:23 pm
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative

This community was established as the result of a successful livejournal post.

Only open minded people may post here.

Here are the instructions:

Post anything that you want, and post it anonymously.
A story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love... anything. Make sure to post anonymously and honestly. Post as many times as you'd like.
I've turned off the option of logging IP addresses, so no one has any way of knowing who you are.

Have fun!

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